List of shrubs

Shrub - small tree height of 3.28-16.4 ft (1 to 5 m).

It has no an explicit single logs but instead trunk has a large number of stems. The stalks partially or completely are lignified.

Shrubs are perennial plants. The period of life lasts from 10 to 20 years.

There are bushes in the woods, along the ravines, along roads and railways.

Among all species is dominated by fruity and berry bushes.

Gardeners are often used shrubs for the topographical design near the house. They make unusual shapes shrubs. Frequently are choosing kinds of blooming with bright coloring and lengthy flowering.

List of shrubsAs a hedge choose not flowering shrubs with monotonous green and give them of identical shape around.

Bushes are classified into several groups:

Frost-resistant plants. They are able to spend the winter with an insignificant frost, even without shelter. They are well acclimatized with moderate and partly northern climates. There are kinds withstand temperatures down to -4 F (-20 degrees). For example: the Siberian hawthorn, by cedar elfin woods, viburnum, rose.

Lighting. Choose the bushes relatively illumination.

There are plants which grow well in partial shade. Other plants will need plenty of sunlight. For example grow well in the shade: euonymus, dogwood, privet.

Selection bushes, respectively, to ground. There are varieties of unpretentious to lighting, but they are very demanding to the composition of the soil. Dogwood prefers a moist, neutral soil.

Period and duration of flowering bush. Gardeners are choosing appropriate varieties, depending on your climate. In tropical climates the bushes are planted with early and long flowering period. In northern latitudes, where summers are short, are buying kinds of short flowering period.

Tamarisk is planted in southern latitudes with sandy soils. It does not need frequent watering.

Deciduous and flowering shrubs. You have to choose which kind of is suitable for your garden. For the hedge are choosing coniferous deciduous varieties. Choose shrubs with abundant flowering and bright flowers for the creation decorations and landscape design in the garden. Blossoming shrubs are attracted pollinators.

Choose plants according to height. Sometimes, plant height is crucial.

Conventionally, they are divided into three groups:

  • Low-growing a bush in height up to 3.3 ft (1 m). This can be Juniperus Sabina, Spiraea japonica.
  • The average height of shrub 3.3-8.2 ft (1-2.5 m). For example; currants, Berberis vulgaris.
  • Tall bushes taller than 10 ft (3 m). This is hawthorn, lilac and others.

The intensity of growth. In some regions, this factor is crucial, especially if you cannot often trim the bush and climatic conditions favor the rapid growth of it.

Deciduous and coniferous plants grow slowly, especially if it is dwarf forms.

Privet and Sea buckthorn is also growing slowly.

Usually moderate growth there is at fructiferous species. For example: lilac, Japanese quince, cherry.

Usually moderate growth there is at fructiferous species. For example: lilac, Japanese quince, cherry.

The lifespan of the bush. If you have difficulties with the planting the plants, you'd better choose the bush with a long period of life.

But the lifetime of the plant is significantly different from the period of life of the shoots.

Shrubs are classified into 4 groups of longevity:

  • The short-lived. The period of life lasts up to 20 years. For example: meadowsweet, mock orange, elderberry tree.
  • Average life expectancy 20 to 30 years.
  • Prolonged period of existence 50-100 years. For example: japonica, viburnum, lilac.
  • Durable bushes with a period of life more than 100 years. It's a big part of coniferous plants, arborvitae and juniper. There are shrubs with a life expectancy up to 500 years.

Choose plants according to your needs.

  • Euonymus care with photos

    The plant grows as a hedge. It is an evergreen shrub which has more than 220 species. There are blooming and broad leaved shapes it. The bushes are planted from the outside, and care for them is not difficult. Kron is necessary to constantly to trim for giving to it the beautiful form.

    Euonymus is watered infrequently. It is sufficiently is resistant to the dry climate.

    Each kind requires an individual of lighting. Select the sort of the bush depending on your geographic location. All the details you will learn in this article.

  • How to Care for Heliotrope

    Heliotrope - is a representative small shrub that is grown in open areas and in the house. Plants used in cosmetics due to the delicate aroma of vanilla. You need to create certain conditions for it, for a successful flowering and growth. It blooms in purple, but thanks to breeders now found the bushes with different colors, from white to pink.

    Flower is propagated in two ways: by seeds and cuttings. Soil composition: basic secrets to successful and lush flowering. All the details you will find in the article.

  • Hydrangea paniculata

    It is a small ornamental shrub. On one bush can bloom flowers of various colors. How to do it we will tell in the article. The plant can grow in full sun and partial shade. But it must be protected from strong winds and frost. If you follow our recommendations, hydrangea will bloom longer period. There are two methods of plant propagation, which we'll tell you in detail.

  • Bay Tree

    It is a small shrub. Some kinds of laurel can be 16 m high. Scrub propagated in several ways, in detail read the article. We'll tell you in detail the care and maintenance of a laurel tree in the house. For successful growth, you will need to choose the right temperature in the room and observe the rules of watering. Otherwise, the bush will begin wither and die. If broken tree care, pests appear on the surface of the sheets.

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