Euonymus care instructions

Euonymus is common in gardening. Gardeners use it as a beautiful hedge. The composition of euonymus is single and group.

There's a lacy crown which attracts the attention of passers-by. In the family, there are 220 species, among which 130 - evergreens.

Deciduous species are dark green in summer, and the beginning of the autumn leaves change color quickly to the different shades of red.

The ripened fruits a euonymus look like flashlight.

The plant in natural surroundings grows in deciduous and mixed forests in the temperate and subtropical zone.

What unites all types of euonymus:

  • quadrangular or round scion,
  • probability of nodules,
  • the leaves are smooth and opposite
  • the flowers are small, clustered in inflorescences,
  • there are inflorescences racemes or corymbose
  • The shape the fruit looks like a box with seeds.

Care instructions Euonymus


Euonymus - undemanding plant, so care of it easy.

It crown trimmed regularly to maintain the shape.

The plant is to increase fertility fertilized mineral or organic fertilizers.

For example: a flower in the summer fertilized double superphosphate and potassium sulfate. In the autumn before digging fertilized with slaked lime.

Adult plants are watering infrequently.
Young plants need abundant watering, especially in dry season.


For each species there are individual lighting. Some species need constant bright sunshine and cannot tolerate shade.

For example: euonymus Maak, grows well in the open spaces.

Warty euonymus or European euonymus is growing in partial shade. Sakhalin and Sacred euonymus accustomed to grow in shaded areas. All kinds of plants are resistant to smoke and gas. Plants are planted as a hedge in home gardens and the city.


For evergreen species Euonymus, the optimum indoor temperature in winter 36 - 43° F (2 - 6° C).

Plants with variegated leaves prefer 46 - 60°F (8 - 16 °C).


Euonymus is growing in winter gardens, glazed loggias and balconies. In summer, for all kinds of plants is acceptable temperature up to 20 degrees C. Pests appear in dry and hot climates.

Soil and humidity

Lack and excess moisture is bad for euonymus. The optimum soils it neutral to slightly alkaline. In acidic soil lime is added.


The plant is watering, depending on its age and temperature.

Young and immature sprouts watering frequently and abundantly, but not over moistening.

Adult euonymus is watered if necessary. It depends on the drying of the topsoil.


Any plant from time to time needs to replant.

Young plants are transplanted in the winter (February) or early spring.

Adults do not need frequent replacement of the soil.

The process of transplanting should take place separately from the crop. You need to add to the soil peat, humus, compost and garden soil. All components are mixed in equal proportions.


On the period of active growth of the bush fertilize triple superphosphate is 40 g / m2, potassium sulfate - 30 - 40 g / m2. The volume of the slaked lime is, 300 g / m2.


Euonymus propagated in two ways: vegetative and seed.

  • Vegetative method recommends to spending in June - July, thanks to the selection the elastic and young twigs.
  • Bush usually divided into parts or take suckers and green cuttings. Twigs cut into several pieces, leave at least one node.

    The total length of twigs should not exceed 4-6 cm.

    Cuttings are placed in a greenhouse and covered with a glass flask.

    The soil for planting: take in equal proportions of 5-7 cm layer of soil and a layer of sand. After 6 weeks, the roots begin to grow.

  • The method of reproduction by seed a bit more complicated.
  • It requires compliance with certain conditions. In the wild, or when sowing without stratification, the seeds germinate the second year.

    If you do not want to wait so long, spend stratification. The seeds euonymus immediately after harvest are mixed with coarse sand or added to moist putrefied sphagnum peat.

    Take the proportion of 1: 2.

    First the seeds at a temperature of 10-12 degrees are stored during 4 months.
    When the burst sheath around the seeds, they must be stored even five months, at a temperature of 0 +3 degrees.

    In order to avoid rotting of seeds, it is necessary to clean from aril and soak in the a solution of 0.5% potassium permanganate.

    Are planted into the ground is not deep.

    Seeds germinate within a few weeks.

    In autumn and spring seedlings mulched peat litter. In summer, fertilize the plant. In winter sprouts are covered with spruce branches.

    In the third year of a young euonymus are transplanted to a permanent place.


Euonymus attracts almost all insects.

Gardeners use it to protect the garden. When the bush is covered with cobwebs (moth), the insects do not attack on the apple trees growing nearby.

You can of insect spray any insecticide. Euonymus will not be harmed. For the destruction of quadraspidiotus perniciosus (brown plaque on the surface of leaves) plants should be sprayed with special solution and water.

To remove the spider mite bush washed with soapy water and rinse with warm shower.
At strong damage is used the drug which is dissolved in water. Usually take 1-2 ml 0.15% drug and dissolved in 1 liter of water.

To eliminate the red flat mite, you must cut off the damaged stalks, and euonymus sprayed with any insecticide.


On the surface, there are parasitic Aporia Crataegi bush, apple moth and aphids. Weevil and moth are not typical for this kind of plant.

Beneficial features

Euonymus is often called the saviors of the garden. It is very beautiful and you will a decoration for your home garden. The bark euonymus used to prepare medicines against worms and diarrhea. From plants make quality antispasmodic.

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