How to Plant Flower Plants for Hanging Baskets

Flowers in hanging baskets have long been adorn the homes, gardens, balconies and verandas. Frequently in baskets planted annuals flowering plants.

In the baskets are planted a large number of indoor plants. For example: geranium, fuchsia, petunia, begonia, kalanchoe, ivy, balsam and others.

The basic requirement, you must select the hanging flowers that will look beautiful during the flowering period. Many gardeners may prove himself in the form of a floral designer.

Many people are planted begonia in hanging baskets. It is perfectly suited for this. It is growing fast, long and profusely is blooming bright colored flowers. Begonia is tolerated well in dry climate and sparse watering.

Begonia is easily to transplant after flowering period. Tuberous begonia is also used for growing in baskets.

If you grow flowers in hanging baskets, the main problem is the rapid drying of the soil. You need to select plants which may exist in the dry ground for a long time.

Plants in Hanging BasketsFrom hanging baskets is created a multi-level construction. To create a design are planted plants of different heights: curly, with branches that grow upward, upright habit.

Some plants are created a decorative curtain. Carpet kinds of are planted along the edges of the basket for creating a smooth transition between the high and hanging down flowers.

Plants in baskets for example begonia and fuchsia can grow up and down. They fill the middle and upper tiers.

Upright habit plants are planted for the upper tier. For example: spicy greens.

Hanging baskets are installed at eye level and below. If the basket is hanging low, you need to use standing flowers and if basket is suspended above the level of the eyes, you need to plant a hanging down flower types.

If you decide to place hanging baskets at the house, you need to know some peculiarities.

  • Basket filled with soil is heavy and fixing must be appropriate for her.
  • You need to use the liner, which will not allow sloughing the land. Usually sphagnum moss is placed in the middle of the liner. Any liner should absorb moisture.
  • The composition of the land are preparing special. The soil must retain moisture for a long time.
  • The plant is planted in a basket from below upward.
  • Necessarily is placed drainage from the expanded clay on the bottom layer.

Care for flowering baskets

  1. The soil you need to use a high quality, which is intended for hanging baskets. The baskets are accommodated on balconies, loggias and winter gardens. Before adding soil into a container is necessary add fertilizer.
  2. Add fertilizer into the soil which slowly dissolves. Also, water-absorbent granules, which will prevent the soil drying out.
  3. Flowers in baskets should be watered more frequently than the usual potted flowers. There the soil dries quicker. Watering in the morning and evening. Watering is not allowed during the active sun especially during the summer.
  4. Fertilizer is added after 1.5 months after planting flowers. Fertilizer is used complex and liquid. It is necessary to add 1 time per week.
  5. The flowers that shed its blossoms is removed for prolongation flowering.
  6. Regularly is carried out pruning plants. That will prolong the flowering period and makes the plant a quick growth.
  7. The places where it will be placed baskets have important. You need to choose a light place for hanging flowers with sufficient lighting where there is protection from the cold and drafts. The penumbra is the best place for the majority of suspended flowers.
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