How to get Rid of Whiteflies

Whitefly is small white insect in length up to 3 mm. Its wings are covered with white powdery pollen.

They feed plant sap, causing irreparable harm and may be the cause plant death. Whitefly defers a lot of eggs of brown color from which appears the larvae on the leaf surface. Larvae length is up to 0.3 mm.

If the number of insect is small, they may be a long time unnoticed and constantly drink the juice from the stalk. Leaves are losing color. The plant faded shortly dries up and dies.

If you on time found out the pests them easily destroy with special facilities and creating the right climate conditions. All these recipes will be discussed in the article on.

How to detect whitefly?

WhitefliesThe larvae in the early hours are moved throughout the plant until they find their place.

There they remain until full maturity and constantly are drinking juices.

Adult insects fly well and reproduce.

Usually the pests are found on the underside of the leaf.

Any white insect which is flying near the plant indicates the presence of whitefly. It prefers warm greenhouses and home comfort.

There are a number of pest species, some of them are able to survive outside in the middle latitudes with temperate climate.

Whitefly during 1 season produces up 15 generations, where population is measured in thousands.

How to detect whiteflyGardeners is necessary to regularly inspect the leaves (especially underside of the) and you can shake the bush when necessary. If over a flower appeared a white cloud it is a sign of whitefly.

Whitefly as well as aphids, leaves a shiny coating on the leaves - its honeydew. This is waste after food.

Honeydew leads to black mold. The black mold looks as gray or black spots.

External signs when whitefly attacked the plant:

  • stop the growth,
  • withers,
  • loses its decorative effect;
  • The leaves turn yellow and are twisted.

The plants from group of risk

Whiteflies appear on more than 300 species of shrubs and herbaceous plants.

They most often affect such plants, for example: aster, balsam, begonia, cornflowers, pear, melon, St. John's wort, eggplant, heliotrope, gardenia, willow, strawberry, gooseberry, alfalfa, cabbage, potatoes, lemon, orchid, mint, fern, petunia, parsley, sunflower, celery, rose, soybeans, goutweed, beans, ficus, fuchsia, chicory, sage, apple.

Whitefly appears under certain conditions

If have appeared pests or disease, most likely you have broken the rules of care for plants and made a favorable environment for the appearance of insects and their reproduction.

Let's look at the conditions of the emergence of whitefly on the flowers.

Pests usually are appearing during a hot summer. Favorable conditions for whitefly are constantly warm and humid climate.

They cannot survive in temperatures below 10 degrees, but the eggs are able to withstand minor frosts. They will continue to develop as soon as gets warmer.

In winter, Whitefly prefers warm rooms, greenhouses and conservatories. They are able to move from one plant to another and infect entire garden.

Order to avoid the emergence of whiteflies; you need to follow a few rules:

  • Regularly ventilate the room
  • Flowers need to plant at a certain distance from each other
  • You need to constantly keep the moderate humidity
  • The plant does not need to spray if the temperature is small and high humidity
  • The plants should be regularly are sprayed with growth stimulants and add fertilizer

Methods of destruction of whiteflies

There are several methods for the destruction of pests. It can be divided into 2 main groups: drugs are purchased in the supermarket and self-made using traditional methods. There exists a variety of traps and fumigators.

It is difficult to determine which method is better. It all depends on the extent of damage of the plant.

If you use ready-made chemicals, they are able to destroy the whitefly in a few hours.
The poison infects juice. Pest not suspecting drinks juice from the stems and leaves. But the poison is also affects the flower.

Folk remedies also destroy whitefly, but they are less toxic. You need to spray the surface of the plant. For pets and children, which often touch to a flower it does not cause harm.

Traps - principle of operation

TrapsThe traps are designed to catch only adult insects. This is often the glue or sticky tape. Traps are used store bought or produced yourself.

Trap design.

The liquid adhesive is applied to a piece of cardboard. The adhesive does not dry out for a long time and attracts insects that stick. The traps are hung from top of the plant. All the components are chosen odorless and toxins.

Often the traps are painted in bright colors for attraction pests. There are used against mosquitoes, flies, aphids, trips and other insects.

Trap to make at home is not so hard. You need to take a piece of cardboard or plastic which are painted in yellow or orange color. Surface is smeared a thin layer of petroleum jelly, honey with rosin or castor oil with a brush.

Previously in the cardboard on the one hand is making the hole. A thin wire is threaded through the hole. The trap is hung with wire. The trap can be installed in a pot on a rigid stand. The traps are purified by regularly as flies sticking, or replace with new ones.

In stores are marketed adhesive tapes from the flies, which are also suitable as a trap.

Fumigator what is it?

Fumigator is an electrical device. It consists of a replaceable plate or a container of liquid. The plate or a liquid is impregnated with harmful substances from insects.

If the device is plugged in, a plate is heated (or liquid evaporates) and allocates the smell in the air which is not carried by mosquitoes including whiteflies.

Previously indoors need to close windows and doors. People and animals are not recommended to be inside. Fumigator need to include for 30-60 minutes.

Means of struggle against whitefly

If you have found pests timely (in the early stages of the defeat of the flower) you will easily cope with them.

In the later stages it is necessary to use strong chemicals store bought.

Prevention of whiteflies

The larvae are located one week at the bottom of the sheet before the birth.

Once a week, is wiped with a cloth or sponge dipped in water the leaves to reduce the number of larvae. You can use soap and water solution. But this method is effective when there is a small amount of plants or pests are small quantity. If the plants are placed in greenhouses and hothouses this method is not very effective and difficult.

There is another way against whiteflies is to reduce temperature down to 10 degrees. But some of plants cannot exist at low temperatures. You need to take into account the temperature regime of plants. Read more in the articles for each plant.

Whiteflies dies, if the temperature 10 degrees or below. But the eggs can withstand minor frosts and must be removed mechanically or by other means. Larvae will actively evolve, if the temperature is above 15 degrees.

You must destroy the weeds, if the plants are growing outside.

The fight against whitefly using of natural remedies

Soap solution. You need to use homemade or tar soap.Soap is crushed into small pieces and is diluted with water in a ratio of 1:6.

Soap solution is foamed and is rubbed the leaves with a sponge. The foam should not be done if you apply a soapy solution on the leaf surface with a spray gun. Pot with soil is covered with plastic wrap. The solution should not fall into the lower layer of soil. The procedure was repeated after 5 days if necessary.

Garlic. The leaves are washed with tincture of garlic. You need to crush 2-3 garlic cloves and pour 1 liter of water. Close the container and store in a dark place for 1-2 days where the temperature is 20 degrees. he finished solution is sprayed surface of the plant 1-3 times at intervals of 1 week.

Yarrow. You will need 100g of crushed leaves that pour 1 liter of water. Capacity tightly is covered for 2-3 hours. The affected the leaves are sprayed with infusion. Usually is enough 1-3 times at intervals of 5 days.

Tincture of sugar. You need a solution of 2 tablespoons of sugar with 200 g of water. You must spray the affected flowers with a ready solution. The procedure is repeated after 5-7 days. A solution of sugar is washed from the leaves with a sponge and warm water after a week, if the whitefly disappeared.

Dandelion. Tincture is made from dandelion root or subsurface part. The root and leaves of 50 g each, you need to chop and pour 1 liter of water. Tightly cover the container and leave for 2 days. You must to spray on the leaves 2-3 times at intervals of 6-7 days.

Alcoholic extract of pyrethrum. 25 grams of pyrethrum is poured 100 g of alcohol (90-95%). Capacity is sealed and is insisted 12 hours. Then on 20 g of the finished infusion added 5 g soap and is poured 1 liter of water. You must to spray with infusion once a week.

The process is repeated until complete disappearance of pests. You can use chopped chilli or Yarrow instead of pyrethrum.

You can use ready-made store bought chemical means, if the above described formulations do not help.

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