List of Insects Pests

Every gardener or grower has a problem when different insects and pests are appeared on his plants.

There are pests that are attacking house plants and insects which live in the soil from outside.

Many people do not understand how insects can get inside and destroy your favorite flowers when closed windows.

There are indoor pests significantly less than those that are living in a natural environment, but they also are a nuisance and often plants die.

Some insect species are easily noticeable, but other species you can only see through a magnifying glass.

Insects PestsGardeners often find them too late then the plant will cannot be saved. You must inspect the buds and the leaves once a week for the successful growth of your house plants.

Most winged insects are on the young leaves and plants. In these plants still thin rind and juice to get much simpler.

There is a dangerous part of the flies which live inside the stem and leaves. It can be found after the first symptoms of wilting or yellowing leaves.

Pests can get into the closed room in several ways:

  • You can buy the plant already with the larvae and the appearance of insects is only a matter of time.
  • Most of the flying pests can move on their own and travel long distances. Aphids can move with the help of wings in a certain period of your life.
  • Improper care, failure to comply with the right temperature and watering may be the cause infection of the flower.
  • They can get into the room from outside through open doors and windows.
  • You have purchased infected soil and during transplanting flower will be infected, especially if the soil has not been treated thermally and is taken from the garden.
  • Self-made mixtures are often already infected with larvae.
  • You can bring the insects on your clothes. Maybe you pre-walked in the park or garden.

If you notice that a plant ill, you must isolate it from the rest of the flowers in a separate room because the pests will appear on the entire home garden.

You need as much as possible remove with a sponge and water all insects and larvae, and tear off all the damaged leaves and shoots, before the chemical treatment against pests.

You should wash the place where stood the plant with soap and water or the purchased means.

In the flower shops are on sale a large number of fungicides and insecticides against a variety of insects.

All funds are used according to the instruction which is indicated on the packaging.

But above all you need to determine the degree of damage, kind of insect and to establish reason for the appearance them.

Often gardeners violate care for houseplants.

The main symptoms when the flowers are infected of pests:

  • the leaves begin to dry and curl
  • the plant stops growth
  • the leaves fade and dim
  • spots yellow or brown color appears on the surface

We will tell you in detail about each insect pest, how his detect on the plant and how to remove him.

We are constantly updating and are adding new articles. Be always up to date.

  • How to Control Whiteflies

    Whitefly is a small insect up to 3 in length. Its surface is covered with a white powdery mildew. It will appear on the indoor plants, if disturbed watering or is not complied with the required temperature. The larvae can survive at minor frosts. But adult insects cannot subsist below 10 degrees.

    Gardeners use ready-made mixes for pest control. Mixtures for spraying can be purchased at specialty stores, or a mixture is prepared from natural ingredients by yourself. We will teach you by yourself destroy pests and cook yourself therapeutic tool for the plant.

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