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The site contains the catalog of plants with complete care. Instructions cultivation, transplant, watering and reproduction of flowers and potted plants.

Before buying decorative plants you need to take into account all the conditions of the habitat.

We can help you cope with the insects and prevent their occurrence.

  • Monstera Deliciosa

    Monstera Deliciosa - how to grow indoors. We teach you how to transplant and watering flower. For the successful growth of the plant, you need to create the conditions in the apartment, which is very similar to the natural environment where it lives.

    Monster can be propagated in several ways. We will tell you in detail about each method. Most gardeners are watered wrong, or do not retain high indoor humidity, and the plant dies.

  • Hydrangea paniculata

    Hydrangea paniculata - shrub up to 2m in height is ideal for home gardens. If you make the conditions that are described in this article, you will be on the same bush flowers of different colors. We'll tell you a few ways on how to propagate hydrangea at home. You need to prepare the bush for the winter, if cold weather will begin on the street. The plant can tolerate slight frosts, but it must be covered when there are severe frosts.

  • Bay Tree

    Laurel - tree of wisdom, nobility and glory. From the sixth century, people began to grow the laurel as a house plant. It is a small shrub which grows in warm climates but can survive under minor frosts. We'll tell you how to properly grow the laurel indoor. How should you water the plant and make the correct humidity for the successful growth. The essential oil that contained in the leaves is used to treat various diseases.

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