Houseplants list

People grow plants in the house for several reasons. Beautiful flowering complements the interior of the room.

Any plant purifies the air and oxygenates the room.

Some people need constant companion a flowering. They adore looking after and caring for them.

Home plants are conventionally divided into several types:

This is blooming (orchids, azaleas, hyacinths). These plants are blooming profusely. There are some species that will please your eyes all over the year. Their flowering period lasts a few weeks.

Deciduous forms (palm and ficus, ferns). These plants often do not are blooming at home. Sometimes the flowers are small and scarce. The main purpose of plants - the leaves are beautiful with variegated color and unusual shape. They do not have a pronounced period of rest. Most of it requires careful maintenance. Species with a solid color of leaves can grow in partial shade.

House plantsSucculents (cacti, aloe). Some plants have medicinal properties. Their juice is used for making medicines.

Cacti - separate kind which has a large number of different varieties. It is may exist in dry climates and do not require frequent watering. At home cacti are grown due to the decorative form and extraordinary flowering.

It is fruit-bearing ornamental trees (citrus, miniature tomatoes). These plants are increasingly appearing in our apartments.

They are not only are blooming, but also a bear fruit. There are a great number of dwarf and hybrid forms. The main feature of growing - creating the right conditions for the care of plants.

  • Dracaena Care

    It is an evergreen indoor plant which does not require complicated maintenance.

    It is resistant to dry climate, unlike other members of this genus. Dracaena is watered very carefully in small doses otherwise there will appear pests or plant dies.

    Adult an ornamental tree after 2 years of his life has only the leaves on top of the trunk. The dry the trunk is cut off over time.

    In the flowering period there is a steady and unpleasant smell in the room where there is a flower. The flowers are white. It has a very slow growth but after a few years, the tree reaches a height of 6.5-10 ft. (2-3 m).

  • Adenium - Desert Rose

    The Flower needs a lot of sunlight. Pot is constantly rotated about its axis for proportional growth. Flowering continues throughout the year.

    The plant does not have a pronounced period of rest. It grows well in a warm climate.

    In the summer pot with a plant put to the open air.

  • Monstera Deliciosa

    More care and maintenance of monstera indoors. How to choose the right place for it and where to put the pot for successful growth. Direct sun rays can destroy the monstera deliciosa. Details of reproduction methods. For successful growth you need to create the right temperature and humidity.

    The plant may start to hurt and pests appear, if you do not follow the recommendations from the article. All the details in the article.

  • Guzmania

    Guzmania epiphytic plant, but as houseplant it grows in a pot. Care for Guzmania is easy when you follow the basic rules. You have to create conditions similar to the natural habitat for successful flowering. The plant is only watered into basal rosette. Its successful growth depends on the quality of the water. Two methods are used: by seeds and outgrowths for the propagation of a flower. The second way is easier and more successful. It is necessary to fertilize Guzmania from spring to autumn but this must be moderate.

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