Flowering plants list

Flowering plantsFlowers undoubtedly is occupied a leading place among gardeners. There are varieties of flowers separately for the garden and rooms.

Floriculture is a separate branch. Often people devote their entire lives for deducing of unique hybrid forms with unusual color and shape of flowers.

In this section, we will share with you how to grow and care for flowering plants.

You will learn all the basics of watering, transplanting, fertilization and reproduction. If there are pests, we'll give you advice on how to destroy them.

For the cultivation of flowers do not need a lot of space in the apartment. Floriculturists often start with a few flowers but the beauty of flowers motivates them to increase the number plants to large home greenhouse.

There are kinds of flowers in baskets, which grow in hanging pots on balconies and loggias. We have a separate section - plants in baskets.

Collection of flowers on our site which is constantly updated will help you determine the selection of plants according to your needs. If you study the instructions for care of the flowering plants on our site, you will enjoy on floriculture.

  • Gardenia jasminoides: Growing

    This is a flower with a beautiful and long blooming. In warm countries it is growing on the open soil. If the climate is too cold for the gardenia, it is grown in closed winter gardens and greenhouses.

    Care for flower complex and we do not recommend it for novice gardeners, but we'll teach you how to keep the gardenia in his house. A small rotation of the pot around its axis during the period maturation of flowers can provoke the dropping of flower buds.

    The roots of the plant will rot if you will it's abundantly watered. You need to make a good drainage for excess moisture output. Flowering period: from July to October. In gardenia, there are many of varieties and hybrid forms.

  • How to Care for Primrose

    Primula is grown as a houseplant and outdoors. You can see its beautiful flowers on the flowerbeds near private houses and in parks. This is an annual and perennial plant, some varieties of which are grown indoors. The plant also has healing properties.

    Primula is suitable for beginners because its care is easy, especially if you grow unpretentious varieties. Primula blooms for a long time with abundant multicolored flowers: it is white, pink, red and blue colors. Place for the pot with the plant is chosen protected from direct sun rays.

  • How to Care for Ageratum Houstonianum

    Ageratum is a perennial plant. At home, it is grown as an annual plant. The main way of propagation is the seeds. Pre-seedlings are grown from seeds indoors and then it is transplanted to the open ground. The ageratum grows in the sun and in the shade and prefers fertile and air-permeable soil. Ageratum blooms throughout the summer. It is fertilized 3 times per season for lush flowering. It prefers a warm climate and does not withstand frost. Care for Ageratum is easy. The plant is often attacked by pests outdoors. If you follow our advice, Ageratum will bloom for a long time with magnificent flowers.


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