Coniferous Plants: list Names

Coniferous plants - is a group of evergreen trees and shrubs the family Conifers and Pinophyta.

Location data for conifers is warm and temperate climate with high humidity.

Summer temperatures do not necessarily have to be high, and they can spend the winter at low temperatures.

Most coniferous trees grow along the rivers and valleys, but can settle in and most of the mountains with a suitable primer. Large roots require a large amount of water and nutrients.

A large number of coniferous plants in the wild are encountered in the northern regions. Now there are a large number of shrubs adapted to the small home greenhouses and houses.

Conifers are found in large quantities in the southern latitudes, especially in South America, New Zealand and Australia.

In nature, there are species whose height exceeds 100 m and dwarf forms of conifers up to 1 m. This group is considered to be the most long-lived. Some specimens can grow more than 4000 years.

We will examine in detail the care and maintenance of coniferous plants in the home.

  • Araucaria (Norfolk Island Pine)

    Coniferous tree Araucaria from Norfolk Island.
    Tree in the natural environment reaches more than 20 m in height.
    There are several kinds of plants. Araucaria in the home are grown in pots or winter gardens. Dwarf species do not grow higher than 1.5 meters.

    We'll tell you how to grow and care for the tree and methods of transplant. An important role is compliance with the humidity, temperature and watering, otherwise pests of will attack the bush.

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