Bulbs plants

Flowers from bulbs are the first evidence of the beginning of spring. It can be found in meadows, forest and home gardens. There are certain conditions for their existence.

The plants from the bulbs will not grow in heavy clay soils. They prefer light and nutritious soil which is well pass moisture and air. There are species which begin to flower in early summer. Other bulbous plants are blooming even in the late autumn. But most of the kinds of are starting to flowering in early spring.

When you buy the flower you need to pay attention to the sort. Is it for your climate? There are flowers with long and short the period of flowering.

All bulbous flowers are perennial plants. It is not recommended to cut the flower when it alone is not withered.

The new bulb is formed after the death of leaves and flowers.

Bulbs plantsIf you plant flowers in his garden and there is a cold winter you need to dig up the bulbs in the autumn and in the spring to plant into ground. But there are cold-resistant varieties.

The plant prefers a lot of sunlight and cannot grow in the shade. It does not withstand a high and constant humidity.

Buy the soil with neutral acidity. You do not fit the foundation made of sand.

Some flowers grow only in one direction; keep in mind this moment before landing in the garden.

Bulbous flowers are divided into several types:

  • bulbs
  • tuber-bulbous
  • petty bulb

Each species has flowers of different colors, different duration of flowering and appearance of buds. Choose plants appropriate for you.

  • Hyacinth: Growing and Care

    This is bulbous plant that grows in the gardens and home greenhouses. Gardeners are grown hyacinth for forcing. The root consists of a bulb with a diameter of 5-7 cm.

    For flowering hyacinth in the winter you have to create favorable conditions which we describe in detail in an article for it. The main requirement for the care, this is the correct watering and the appropriate composition of the soil.

    You can find out the main challenges faced by the flower grower and their solutions.

  • Forcing a Hyacinth Indoors

    Hyacinth will delight you with unusual flowering in winter, if you do it in accordance with our instructions. You will be able to make forcing hyacinths, as described in detail in this article.

    A bulb is prepared in the autumn. Flower growers, especially beginners often buy bulbs that are in good condition. Purchased bulbs have already passed all necessary training. This increases the probability of flowering in winter. For forcing is used a glass dish with a special form.

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