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This topic contains articles that relate to the care of plants and help you to cope with the difficulties.

We will tell you how to properly install artificial lighting. You will know which lamps are used to illuminate the plants.

You will learn about the methods of reproduction and how to do it independently at home.

If you are just a beginner gardener, you will be interested to know the rules of transplanting plants. For some kinds of there are an individual the transplant period.

Articles about plantFor each specific kind of plants is necessary choose the appropriate composition of the soil. We can help you cope with this problem and we will give advice about all components of the soil.

Many novice gardeners are known as the growth of the flower depends on the lighting. You will learn how to choose the right place for the flowers in the house.

There are ways of shading of plants in the hot season.

In the summer, the plant can get burns from direct sunlight. But an insufficient lighting adversely affects the growth.

There are plants which do not recommended to keep in the apartment.

Advanced gardeners will be interested to know about decorating and design of the garden and how correctly to trim hedges.

Sometimes you go on vacation, and the problem arises as the water the flowers. Do not worry; we will advise the main ways of how to deal with this problem.

Now you can create your own unique greenhouse of ornamental flowering plants.

Those and many other articles look at our website Details of each article you will find below.

  • Forcing a Hyacinth Indoors

    This plant is grown for forcing. Hyacinth is able to bloom in winter. Many fans of flowers, adore the flowering on the New Year. But for forcing is necessary to create certain conditions about which we describe in detail in this article.

    This heat-loving plant, and cannot subsist outdoors where there's a cold climate. It is grown in winter gardens and greenhouses. Flowering during the winter period lasts up to 3 weeks.

    For forcing of hyacinth lower the temperature, watering is stopped and the increased humidity. In addition, you must comply with a number of other requirements, which we described in detail. The basic question is: How to choose a bulb?

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