How to care for Your plants

The site contains the catalog of plants with complete care. Instructions cultivation, transplant, watering and reproduction of flowers and potted plants.

Before buying decorative plants you need to take into account all the conditions of the habitat.

We can help you cope with the insects and prevent their occurrence.

  • Adenium - Desert Rose Care instructions

    It is a small shrub native to America. Adenium flowers throughout the year. Learn the basic requirements for the care of the flower.

    It is heat-loving plant. Grow in the apartment is quite simple.

    Desert Rose in the natural environment has flowers black, blue, orange, purple and crimson color. You can reproduce it in several ways: by cuttings, seeds and air taps.

  • Dracaena Care

    Dracaena blooms very rarely at home. Decorative leaves attracted some gardeners. The smell of flowers can cause allergies. Dracaena starts to hurt if you violated the watering. Excessive watering is very dangerous for her.

    There are two ways of reproduction: seeds and cuttings. For more information you will find in this article. It is unpretentious to humidity and can grow in dry climates.

    You need to trim Dracaena`s crown after two years of her life, because the lower leaves on the trunk become yellow and fall off. The juice of the plant is used in medicine.

  • Euonymus care with photos

    This is undemanding plant to care for. It is well tolerated high temperature environment. Adult bush is rarely watered. Young plants need to abundant watering. Euonymus`s crown is necessary to trim regularly.

    There are light-loving and shade-tolerant species. It is used as a hedge in home gardens and make with it beautiful compositions. If is insufficient watering and dry climate, on the leaves can appear insects.

    It prefers neutral soil and not demanding to special composition of the soil. It needs to fertilizer during the active period of growth.

  • Astrophytum Cactus - Growing

    Astrophytum - one of the most popular representatives of the succulents. Because of their small size it contains in the rooms. Cactus can tolerate direct sunlight.

    Astrophytum has 5 or 8 edges. There are easily distinguished by the number of faces from the other species of cacti. Flowering period: spring - summer. Flowering depends on its variety. The appearance of a cactus resembles a starfish.

  • Gardenia jasminoides: Growing

    In gardenia flowers are usually white or yellow. It has a many kinds which bloom in different periods of the year. The flower in a cold climate cannot survive outdoors. You need to create favorable environmental conditions for a successful flowering. Details in the article.

    The pot cannot be moved during the period when the flower buds appear. The bush grows up to 2 meters of height in a natural environment. You need to create high humidity indoors, but excessive watering for the flower is fatal.

  • Hyacinth: Growing and Care

    This flower has more than 2,000 of varieties. The flowers are pink in color with different shades. Flower growers grow it for forcing. Hyacinth is able to bloom in the winter, if are created certain conditions. It is kept in closed greenhouses or in open areas where there is a warm climate. Flowering is very beautiful and long-lasting. The duration of life up to 10 years it. But the root contains acid, which can cause redness of the skin.

    Before transplanting to the outside you need to prepare the ground. For more information about growing, you will learn in the article itself. Study the instructions for the care and the flower will delight you with abundant flowering in winter.

  • How to Care for Heliotrope

    Heliotrope - a small shrub with beautiful flowers which is grown in the home. Often it blooms purple and blue flowers, but there are species with white or red blossoms.

    It is not demanding to special conditions content. In summer it is contained at a temperature of 22-24 degrees. In winter, the temperature is much lower.

    In this article you will learn what needs to be the lighting, the methods of reproduction and transplantation.

  • Forcing Hyacinth

    One of the conditions how to force hyacinth blossom in winter: You must put it in a cold climate, and after some time you need to greatly increase the temperature.

    Hyacinths are often grown in water. Previously before planting you need to choose flower bulbs, and then prepare it. There are instructions how to plant a bulb in a pot. In this article we will tell you in detail. Forcing period lasts 1 month. But appear problem for novice flower growers, what to do after flowering bulb?

  • Araucaria (Norfolk Island Pine)

    This is the representative of the needles which are grown in the home and gardens. Araucaria in the winter garden does not exceed 1.5 m in height. In the natural environment, the tree can reach over 25 m.

    We describe in detail instructions for cultivation and care of potted conifer species. There are two ways of reproduction: seeds and cuttings. Read more in the article.

  • Persian Violet (Exacum Affine)

    This is a small plant with beautiful blue and white flowers. There are species with pink and blue colors. Persian violet can be planted in pots or hanging baskets. The plant has a flower-shaped stars and shiny green leaves. Read the care of plants, how to properly watered and transplanted it. We teach you how to prepare the soil and transplant the flower. There are two methods of reproduction: seeds and cuttings. Read more in the article.

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